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Monday, July 12, 2010

Um, what??

Was on campus today, doing placement reading, picking up the style guide I'll be using in the fall (in the vain hope that I'll actually look at it sometime before panic completely sets in at the end of August), that sort of thing. Just happened to check my mailbox, and there was a form asking for a recommendation for a student who is applying for a job. I couldn't remember her to save my life. Spent forever trying to find her on Banner, and to find out anything about her once I did. Turns out, she was in one of my classes last semester--until she withdrew. What on earth was she thinking to ask me for a recommendation? Surely she had other professors who provided her with grades, even potentially good ones? I don't get it. Very strange. I am being honest on the form, too: I said I don't know enough about her to recommend her or not, and that she withdrew from my class. If she asked for a recommendation from me just because she thinks I'm a nice person and she liked me, she may now change her mind. Ah well. But I really do wonder what the hell she was thinking. If she was thinking. The mind boggles.

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