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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

First day of classes--not

I'm glad to have come in today, just to do a little more organizing, but as I see the snowfall increasing exponentially outside, I realize I shouldn't noodle around in the office any longer. Classes are canceled starting with my first period of the day, which is not a problem: the first week, I meet T/Th classes twice and M/W classes only once, so the Tuesday is usually a little bit of wheel spinning, so that by the second week, everything is in synch. I was worried that I wouldn't meet my M/W class until next week--but we've gotten notice that classes will resume right on time for me to meet those students. Whew.

There were many times over the break when I thought "I'd really like to post something about this," but, well, whenever I was done with the work of the day, I decided I'd rather enjoy the break. Maybe tomorrow I'll spend some time getting caught up on various thoughts and occurrences from the past weeks--or maybe not. In any event, I'm comfortable being back to the routine of classes and committees, even if we are starting off with a snow day.

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