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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Call it a day

That's about the best that can be said for it: it was a day. Nothing bad happened--I don't have anything to bitch about, really--but nothing noteworthy happened either. It just was ... a day. I got here later than usual, allowing myself a little extra sleep, as I didn't have a ton of work to try to shove through before class, so I pretty much went straight to Advisement. It was quiet enough when I first got there that I did get a few assignments marked, which ended up being a good thing, as otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to pay as careful attention to what I was reading, would have had to grade at a glance, as it were. But it picked up, and then there was a steady stream of students--which is fine by me, if I'm not frantic with grading to do, as it certainly makes the time go faster. The students I saw today were all reasonably intelligent, reasonably able to understand what I told them, reasonably prepared to do their own part in determining their educational course. So, good.

Class was a bit flat, simply because of the lack of bodies in the room: it's interesting to me how, even when the intelligent bunch are there, the mere fact that there is less human presence reduces the energy level. Still, we were getting into some good philosophical discussion, working on the ideas in the novel, not just who did what, when and where.

I have the assignments marked for tomorrow's 102--and I was about to embark on the assignments for Nature in Lit when I realized that I had read a sentence several times and had no clue whether it made sense or not. As I have special company coming in to town tonight--a guest who may come to campus with me tomorrow and who will be with me through the break and beyond--there's a good chance I won't get those assignments marked until after the break, but I don't think the students will suffer any by not having the material returned to them. I'll just have a bigger stack of stuff to deal with when I get back.

Meanwhile, my brains are decidedly switching off work mode; I'm experiencing the mental equivalent of white noise and honestly can't think of another thing to report or record. I may not post tomorrow--so there probably will be a hiatus in the postings until, again, after the break. Once we're back, it will definitely be "hold on to the safety bar and scream" time, so the staggering lassitude I feel right now is bound to be replaced with manic energy. Tonight, however, I'm going to slouch on out of here.

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