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Monday, December 22, 2014

Who ARE these people??

Advisement started with a steady stream, and when I was finishing my stint, was becoming a mob scene. Glad I got out of there when I did, but truly, it was just one student after another after another. Of course, the vast majority of the bright, conscientious students registered back in November, when registration started, so the students today were not, by and large, a great testimony to the academic and intellectual wattage of this institution. But at least they were smart enough to realize they needed some help figuring out what to take. Sometimes they're here for several semesters--even years--before they finally realize there actually are specific degree requirements and that they haven't taken them.

Ah well.

I just submitted my grades electronically and in paper format. One student who got a signed withdrawal form from me last Thursday didn't complete the process. I could, I suppose, have sent him an e-mail, letting him know that he needed to get to the Registrar with the form and have the W officially recorded--which would have meant that I would be waiting for him to do that before I could finalize my grade submissions. I just wasn't willing to do that. I had the choice of giving him an F or a UW, and I opted for the latter (he had wanted to withdraw, after all)--but I was damned if I was going to have to risk getting a slap on the wrist for being late with my grade submission because he couldn't get his butt to the Registrar in time.

But now it really is all over--perhaps even including the shouting, unless Little Miss Arrogant decides to complain about getting an F. I told her over and over that was where she was headed unless she took the withdrawal, but that doesn't mean she necessarily believed me. She may also kick up a ruckus about my comment regarding her self-evaluation. Enh. Whatever. No skin off my nose.

Now, however, I am signing off for the semester. I actually do plan to blog while I'm on the sabbatical; I have a feeling I may need the opportunity to vent and re-frame even when (especially when?) I'm working home alone. So, my Faithful Readers, despair not: I'll be back posting probably by early February. I hope you enjoy the hiatus as much as I will.

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