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Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Way too exhausted for much of a post today. I have a very sore throat (probably a cold coming on, what fun)--and the scheduling today was a nightmare. We took a vote not to come in tomorrow but to give ourselves the day off and return for the final double-check on Thursday. I have a feeling we may uncover lots of howling errors--but maybe we'll also find a few brilliant solutions: hope springs eternal. The big problem is the new ENG100 course, which Bruce has pre-assigned and which often conflicts with any other courses we can assign to fill someone's schedule. It seems very clear that Bruce was trying to juggle way too many variables in putting together the schedules for the 100s, and the domino effect is horrific.

But it's only schedules: we're not talking bodily harm here, or unemployment, or anything else that's dire.

My plan now is to go home, eat something, and sleep as much as I possibly can between now and Thursday afternoon when we re-convene.

Stick a fork in me.

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