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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Barely a post at all

I'm just doing a quick check in, to keep all my readers enthralled. I have to fly out of here with William in about five minutes, so we can meet Paul and get on the train for our dinner in the city.

Quick notes:

1) The student who was shocked at the fact that there was an assignment the second day of the SF class submitted a plagiarized self-evaluation (I know, boggles the mind) as well as plagiarized homework. I didn't find enough specific material to "prove" he plagiarized the "statement of self-defined goal," but I did find enough to prove he plagiarized his first homework. I forgot to copy it, however, so I didn't return it to him today, with the letter I've adapted from Paul. I'll see if the homework I collected today was plagiarized.

2) My desk is littered with things to do to keep tying up the raveled edges from the schedule change. To be continued.

3) I had a great idea for how to convey what analysis is--or I thought it was great, until I ran it past the head of Advisement and then Paul: both were positive but revealed flaws in the idea. Back to the drawing board.

4) I hate it when I finally find the language that may convey what I'm trying to get at after about six assignments have gone by--but I think I finally figured out how to explain what notes need to contain. Stay tuned.

I have no fucking clue how I'm going to manage tomorrow. I'm supposed to go to an Assessment meeting, which I'll have to leave early to get to Advisement, and I have a shit-load of assignments to mark, none of which I'll be able to get done before tomorrow's classes... and god only knows what else is lurking on my desk.

But that's tomorrow. Now, I'm going out for steak and booze with the boys.

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