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Monday, November 7, 2016

Time will tell...

I did get most of the promotion applications read today--and would have gotten more done, if the office hadn't closed early. I still have not gotten all the essays marked for Wednesday morning, which is a bit of a concern; I can only hope I get them done tomorrow.

I see the huge folder full of other assignments that also need to be marked--reading notes from the SF class, peer review sheets and notes from the 102s--and I start to hyperventilate a bit, but I remind myself that things will happen in due order. Unlike medical triage, there is no risk of death or serious complications if I don't get to everything yesterday. I can only do what I can do--and as I keep saying (because I need to keep reminding myself), I always get it all done or realize it doesn't really need doing.

In a nice confluence of things on my "to-do" list and my enjoyment of my friendship with Paul, he's wanted to watch over my shoulder while I do some stuff on Blackboard, as he wants to migrate his class materials from the old professor web page thing to the current, more frequently used platform--and although I originally told him I'd do most of my work on Blackboard at home, we decided to set up a meeting time when I'll work on stuff for the online Nature in Lit and he'll watch me do it to be reminded of how things work on BB. It feels good to have that specific moment scheduled, so I can feel I'm making some progress on that--though I do also need to find time to grade the essays for the students I'll see on Thursday.

I won't really get a breather for a while, though I keep trying to believe I will: I'm going to get essays from the SF class on Thursday, and I have to mark the mechanics copies of the essays for the 102s (part of the insane process I've created--which is good for the students but brutal on me). And there is all that collected homework that's staring me in the face right now, plus whatever I collect in class tomorrow.

I didn't get up early today, but perhaps I do need to do that tomorrow. I do need to get the last of the promotion folders looked at--and the more essays I can get graded tomorrow, the less I'll have to deal with on Wednesday.

Now, however, I have to get out of here. I have some life maintenance to tend to, and I want to get home before it's too too late.

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