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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Not quite the midnight oil...

When the alarm went off this morning, at the usual time, I just couldn't. I couldn't be up yet. I went back to sleep--and slept much later than I intended, so I spent the late morning having repeated little anxiety attacks about how late I'd have to be here to get everything done. Answer: about 8:15 p.m.

I had a little fit of ... I don't quite know what to call it: I realized that I could actually mathematically figure out what the equivalents of number grades would be if the A+ equivalent was a 35, or 15, or 20, or whatever, and that my guesstimates had been pretty far off. I almost went back through to re-do every grade form for the class I'd already finished--but I checked a few, and the error made zero difference to the outcomes: the number values were easily within rounding range. But I will change those equivalents for myself ... sometime. I am sure as shit not doing it tonight.

All my grades have been recorded on hard rosters and submitted to Banner. A few students who came in with last-minute withdrawals managed to get the withdrawals processed before I submitted grades. A few students who got withdrawal slips some time ago never submitted them--and now have the "ouch" of an unofficial withdrawal, which affects GPA as if it were an F.

Each class had one or two F's. Each class had one or two A's. There are more D's than B's in the comps; about an even spread in the SF class. A whole lotta withdrawals in the SF in particular. Perhaps slightly fewer in the 102s--but I did lose a bunch at the end, over the novel. Shame, that.

The office closed 6 hours ago, so I'll be leaving my hard rosters on the office door--and I'll live without the photocopies of them that I usually make. My desk is a bit of a disaster area, but it will just have to be like that until January.

I got an e-mail today from the Distance Ed folks, saying that there is some kind of problem with my 102s, so I can't simply copy the information into next semester's courses. I don't know how big of a problem this is going to be, but if I have to reinvent the wheel, as it were, I don't think that will be too problematic. It's mostly a matter of uploading the files I use for general purposes; the syllabus and Turnitin links and all that stuff would be new anyway. I haven't heard from them yet whether I can just say "These are the bits I'd like to copy" and have them sort it out or whether I have to sit down with someone and work through it: I'm hoping the former. But we'll see how it goes.

I imagine I will post to the blog from time to time over the break, as I sort things out for spring, and as I'm back on campus dealing with adjunct scheduling. Oh, speaking of which: come the start of the spring semester, I can look forward to meeting with the adjunct I observed, Cathy, and the adjunct union rep: apparently, the students said that the adjunct was horrible to them when she found out there'd been a complaint--and the students said, "When that lady came to see the class, she [the instructor] was great: if she'd taught us like that all semester, we'd be really happy." Imagine my delight at the prospect of trying to hash things out with this woman. Cathy has already said, union or no union, the adjunct won't be teaching 001 again--and that we're going to start proceedings to have her removed, whatever that entails. The fun just never stops around here.

But that's for January. More immediately, I have a day packed with life maintenance tomorrow (cat to vet, riding lesson, violin lesson, grocery shopping), but I hope I can get some prep done on the Nature in Lit on Saturday, as a Christmas gift to myself. But if I don't have the oomph for it, so be it. Somehow it will all come out right in the end. It always does.

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