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Friday, May 5, 2017

Taking WAAAYYY too long

I'm getting carried away with the comments; I just realized I'm spending about an hour per essay, and that's obviously not going to work. I have twelve more to grade--which means I got through nine today. I grant you, I was in the main office until mid-afternoon, working on adjunct schedules (and not making a hell of a lot of progress on those, either), but still. I don't mind too much if I'm a bit slow returning the essays that were submitted late, but I really had hoped I'd get through all the ones that were submitted on time today, and I didn't get close.

And my body has essentially frozen into a seated position.

And I wanted to get to the store when I left here, but I don't want to take the time now. I don't know when I'll actually have time to make a grocery run--especially if I keep working at this glacial pace.

I will say that the last essay I marked today was kind of fun: the student is very bright but a real smart-ass, and absolutely sure he knows more about anything than anyone, so he might thing we're in a bit of a pissing contest, but that's OK by me: he'll feel good to challenge me, and I don't feel threatened. But I did let him know that he's being pretentious as hell, in no uncertain terms.

That said, I'm hoping that part of why many of the essays have taken so long is because they've needed  so much work. I also lost some time to working out the arrangements for an incomplete for yet another student in the 5:30 102.

Oh, hell, I don't know what else to say. I have to copy all the documents onto my USB, water the office plants, and get myself home. Tomorrow is another day, and I hope to hell it's a more productive one than today. (The irony of the fact that I'm pushing like this--and I'm not even at final grading yet. Lord help.)

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