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Saturday, June 10, 2017

It appears not.

I didn't work at all yesterday--not on anything related to school anyway. I got on the computer about an hour ago, planning on getting some work done today, but again, not going to happen.

Here's how "summer head" works. There are two voices. You can imagine the cartoon angel/devil thing, or maybe one person in academic regalia and one in a T-shirt and shorts.

Professorial voice: There is so much I can make better for these classes. The more time I put into them now, the more I can relax later.

Other voice: It's gorgeous out, and I already did two whole things that I meant to do today. I went to yoga class--I even set the alarm so I'd be up early enough--and I got the yarn for a baby blanket that I've wanted to make. That's enough for one day.

Professorial voice: But you didn't go to tango class, and your violin lesson was canceled, so you have all this time that you weren't counting on having, and think of everything you could do!

Other voice: Um, were you listening to what I just said? I already did two things. Two!

Professorial voice: You know, two isn't really all that ....

Other voice: It's a lot! It's a lot! It's summer, and two things is as much self-discipline as I should have to have...

Professorial voice: I'm not sure buying yarn really takes a lot of self-dis....

Other voice: Stop nagging me! Leave me alone! I'll show you: I'm going to get back on Facebook and see if anyone has posted anything new or different in the last 24 seconds.

And so it goes. No wonder students have a hard time doing the assignments, once I've done my part and created them. They have the same war within themselves: I want the results of the work I need to do, I just don't want to actually have to do the work because there is a world of distractions out there, all of which are infinitely more appealing than the tasks before me.

All that said, I think about the fact that I have to do laundry tomorrow and go to the grocery store. That will probably be my two things for the day. (Apparently, unless under extreme pressure, two things is about all I can force myself to do in a day, other than generalized noodling around.) Probably not worth posting about, so forgive me if we miss another day tomorrow.

Then again, miracles do occur, so there is a chance I might surprise myself and get something done having to do with my profession. I don't have much faith in miracles, however.

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