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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Oh yeah, and...

...I knew I'd forget! As I was waiting to go into the classroom for my second 101 of the day, the class before was letting out--and lo, there was the Viking from last semester's Nature in Lit. I smiled and said, "Hi!" and first he looked startled, then he gave me a rather brusque "I still hate you" type hello in return. I mentioned to the professor that he'd been my student last semester, and she said she already had a sense that he is "edgy." I said he and I hadn't gotten along, and she said, "What should I do?" I said, "Nothing. He's very smart, it's just that his edges and mine didn't work well together. Just enjoy him: I'm sure you'll have a great time with him." But if she's already picking up on "edge," I'll be very interested to see if he lasts in her class before he blames her for his problems, blows up, and leaves--or if he does eventually explode, how long it takes for him to get there.

I did notice that little mousy girlfriend was not in tow. This could mean nothing: she could simply not have been in class today. But I confess I rather hope that she got sick of being bullied and got out of the relationship. I realize I'm assuming she was being bullied: maybe not; maybe she was perfectly capable of holding her own despite what I observed. I'll probably never know--unless at some point in the future, I see them exiting class together.

In any event, I'm always amused when I encounter students who have decided to hold a grudge and watch them when they're faced with my cheerful, "Hey, nice to see you!" demeanor. I truly do not hold a grudge against the Viking. (I'd be hard pressed to think of any student I hold a grudge against; I'm far more likely to remain upset with myself for something I think I've mishandled than to feel I need to keep snarling at a former student.) I think he has a lot of potential, and I truly do hope my colleague can enjoy him and that he has a great experience in her class. I don't know why I felt so snakebit by the nasty remarks on Rate My Professor yet not at all by encountering a student who is clearly utterly pissed off with me. Maybe it's the anonymous versus the actual.

Anyway, I just wanted to make note. I'll try to remember to make note of any future sightings, especially if there is any change in their overall tenor.

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