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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Well, I'm ready for tomorrow, I think...

I told myself this morning that I'd be sure to read at least a few of the short stories from the Fiction Writing students before I called it a day today, but although I got all the assignments for my 101s marked while I was in Advisement, between starting things rolling for at least a few of the 10,000 assessment projects I'm supposed to be shepherding, the "seminar hours" committee meeting, and getting everything set for tomorrow, I find I've run out of steam. I will have a little time before my committee meeting tomorrow to read; other than that, I'll have to hope I can finish up on Monday, as I simply refuse to take anything home with me this weekend: it's too early in the semester.

It would also help if I could get a decent night's sleep: the perennial problem for me. When I start doing the plate-spinning thing with committee work, trying to keep the crockery from smashing to the floor turns me into a chipmunk on speed, and getting myself calmed down enough to sleep is a herculean task.

Right at the moment, assessment is what has me wired for sound. I'm trying to enlist help left, right and center, but I also know that I'll probably have to give each of the various tasks a good healthy shove to get things moving, so I've been sending out e-mails to various sub-committees, trying to at least get the key in the ignition. In fact, as I've been trying to write this post, I keep interrupting myself to send another e-mail (trying to do things before the "oh shit" moment)--and just now to record some of the specific work I've done in my promo folder (oh, yeah, that little thing).

Um, let me think: did I have a class today? The memory has been drowned out by all the committee stuff, plus some work getting ready for the panel for that conference in November (it's never too early), plus I don't know what the hell all else. Class was fine. A bit like pulling teeth--only one student was really "into" talking about the reading for today--but not terrible. Whatever. We workshop next week: they'll like that part.

Oh, god, I'm just too distracted by all the little niggly bits I have to nail down to say anything much. But here's the first student blooper of the semester, summarizing what the handbook suggests students should ask themselves as they approach a paper:

"Do you get the jest of the assignment?"

Wokka-wokka, very funny, that assignment.

I'm outta here.

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