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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Sick and tired--and home

I did have a brief battle with myself this morning about whether to go to work or not, but as soon as I realized I still have no voice and am coughing like Camille, I decided to err on the side of self-care and stay home. Consequently, I don't have anything to post, really--except to note that I am not feeling the usual guilt that I feel for "abandoning" my students, leaving them without my tender care for an entire two weeks (given the holiday and sub last week, and canceling both days this week). I'll be interested to see what, if anything, they have ready to work with on Monday--and how many of them remember that Monday follows a Tuesday schedule, meaning that our class will meet. The only real reasons I'd have had for going in today would have been to remind them about the schedule next week, and possibly to sit down with Little Miss Arrogance. Instead, I decided to treat them as if they are at least on the ball enough to get with the program on Monday.

I brought work home with me last night, but I very pointedly left it in the car all day today. It's at least indoors now, but it's still an uncertainty whether I'll be able to bring myself to look at any of it over the weekend. It would be nice to go in  on Tuesday with some--if not all--of it out of my  hair, but if I continue to feel puny, I doubt I'll force myself to exert the brain energy.

And that, sad to say, is all the brain energy I have for now. Here's hoping that a few more days of rest finally kick this bastard cold out of my body for good and all.

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