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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Not really a post

Since I have to dash out of here right after M&D, I figured I'd give a brief, mid-day report.

The observation went well. I'd observed this colleague once before and had been less satisfied, but this time it was a pretty good job on her part--especially as she was working with a classroom full of students who clearly are disengaged or frightened of being wrong or both.

Most of the SF students had their papers with them. I am now officially drowning in work to mark. I couldn't tell from their demeanor watching Blade Runner whether they were bored out of their skulls, though I'd have bet that they were. However, the prevailing opinion was they wanted to see the rest of the movie. OK by me.

Next week is going to be hell on skates as I try to get as much work done as humanly possible so the decks are as clear as possible before I take off--because I have absolutely no intention of taking any school work with me when I go. I have a fantasy of working on the last bit of the sabbatical project while I look out the deck windows onto Owasco Lake, but I rather doubt it will happen--unless the books I take to read end up being unsatisfying in some way.

But that's later. Today: office hour now (scrambling to read the assigned pages of The Big Sleep) then M&D, then Hamlet. Life's good.

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