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Monday, April 25, 2016


I have a few more papers to mark for tomorrow's class, plus some homework for the Poetry class that I want to return on Wednesday, but tonight, after I let the students go (insanely early, as they had nothing to say), I ended up trying to get some P&B stuff out from under my feet. I have several reports to write--they're brief, but they do require a little thought--and that observation to write up, plus it seems there were several things I wanted to bring up to the committee, and I need to spend a little time tomorrow trying to figure out what they all were and writing them down so I'll remember once I'm actually in the meeting.

I was so exhausted leaving class that I thought I'd leave here before 5:30--but I realized that I'd forgotten I have an office hour from 5 to 6:15. And as I was sitting here getting a last thing or two done, a student from the Poetry class showed up for an appointment that I'd forgotten.

(Um, my name is, um, um, um ... what was the question?)

I do enjoy meeting with this particular student, though, so it's a treat when she comes to the office. She was pretty shaky at the start of the semester, her responses marginal at best, but now she's got a good handle on things and is doing a great job. She wanted to talk about the revision for her second essay--which was a bit of a disaster, clearly not her best work--and then I think she just wanted to chat a little, but I didn't have the energy to propose topics of conversation. One nice moment was when she said that she loved the grade calculation sheet: it's nice to know at least one person likes one of the tools I provided.

But mostly, I am ridiculously tired and for absolutely no reason that I can determine. I can't come up with anything tremendously scintillating to share today--except that the best I can come up with for a cheering thought for the day is that I only have to meet today's 101 class five more times. That's six too many, but we're ticking them off....

I probably "should" hang out a while longer to get some more P&B stuff crossed off the list, but I'm truly out of oomph. Early as it is--not quite 7 yet--I'm going to fold my tents ("tense," in the parlance of Le Guin's novella Paradises Lost--and when I leave, I do try to fold my tension away). Maybe I'll have more to say tomorrow.

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