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Friday, January 6, 2017

Maybe goat foreplay...

Today wasn't quite the goat fuck yesterday was, but it was still one hell of a frantic day. We still have a number of FT schedules that are potentially in trouble, and we haven't gotten close to working on adjunct schedules--even though contract signing starts on Tuesday (screaming, mayhem, and other signs of utter panic). At this point I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing with my own courses--but hey. I may end up teaching an evening section of 102, if my late afternoon section doesn't suddenly experience a surge in enrollment. If anyone knows which gods need to be propitiated and how, please advise.

The other thing that was a little panic-inducing today was that our one full-time office staff member was out sick. She'd said last night that she didn't feel well but couldn't get sick; I assured her that her health was more important than work and that she should take care of herself. This morning she called Cathy: temperature of 102, very likely the flu. Cathy sent out the SOS, and one of the office staff from the Reading department came over to help us out. She was great; patient, careful: truly a god-send. We actually got Lori, our amazing office administrator, from the Reading department: she was just told she was changing departments and had no say in the matter. Consequently, the chair of the Reading department was more than a little reluctant to loan us someone, for fear she'd never get her back. And if we could do it, I'd love for us to keep Ann, the woman who helped us today. Time will tell what happens with that.

I have more I could natter about, I know, but Cathy needs a ride to the train station, and I need to start slowly applying the brakes to my turbo-charged brain, or I'll still be jittering at 2 a.m.

I may post over the weekend, as I'm sure I'll be doing work on my courses--and I'll definitely be posting on Monday. Stay tuned, faithful readers!

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