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Monday, January 9, 2017

Reeking of goat...

Today was another goat-fuck-fest. We sort of got the problems with FT schedules worked out, but we're still white-knuckling a number of courses that have low numbers. We got rolling on the adjunct schedules at long last--and hit some SNAFUs pretty early on. We got to the point where we were confusing the hell out of ourselves and each other, so we decided (probably an hour or two after we should have) that we'd do better to drop everything for tonight and try to get a fresh run at it tomorrow. There's a whole lot that we need to see happen in the computer systems before we really know where we are--and we just found out that there's only one person in the pertinent office doing all the course changes, cancellations, and so on, for the whole campus.

This is lunacy on an even greater scale than the fact that we only have one office administrator for our department. The wheels are falling off this whole institution.

I did try to get a little of my own work done this morning while Cathy completed the move into the Chair's office (or at least got it mostly completed)--but I'm so confused about what I have to do, what I've already done, where things are, that I'm about to lose my mind.

And I did lose my late afternoon 102. It's being replaced by an early evening 102 on the same days, which is generally a good thing, but it does mean I have to reconstruct my schedule in terms of my office hours, seminar hours, evening supervisor hours...

I know that eventually all this will pass and it will just be a story we tell: "Remember that one semester...?" But now, in the thick of it, it's hard to remember how resilient I am (how resilient all human beings are: people keep on keeping on through much worse than this little shit storm)--and it's hard to remember that this too shall pass. And it will. Even if the semester is a chaotic mess from start to finish, eventually, the semester will finish--and between now and then, heaven only knows what miracles might occur.

In any event, I would love to natter some more--my brains are in overdrive, I'm wired for sound--but I know what will be best for me is to take care of my non-work self and get out of here. If it pleases the gods, perhaps tomorrow will be easier; perhaps tomorrow I will be able to sit and work methodically through my own course work, feel clear and organized and on top of things. But even if not, it will be another day: nothing for me to yodel about right now.

1 comment:

  1. At least, Scarlett, you won't go hungry.

    And all things considered neither will I. Thanks for the sweat equity.