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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Not one but TWO weekend posts!!

Today went a little better--and it did help to get up and move once an hour. It does help some that I can often cut and paste comments. I am not entirely sanguine that I can get the essays for Wednesday marked tomorrow--or even tomorrow and Tuesday, since I have almost zero time on Tuesday (and less now that I have a seminar hours meeting Tuesday morning; as it is, I'm going to have to leave seminar hours early to meet a student. I don't want to miss any more of the meeting than I have to--and certainly don't want to miss the whole thing--but lord god is the timing ever crappy).

I also have to acknowledge--as I usually do--the gift that is provided by the essays that are so completely wrong that there isn't much to say. Those saved me a lot of time.

I still have to get to the grocery store tonight, however, and I am going to at least try to get up at six in the morning, try to get a few of Wednesday's essays marked. The one thing in my favor on that score is that almost half the students who signed up for conferences on Wednesday didn't submit essays. I don't like celebrating the fact that they are going to get walloped over that, but purely selfishly, I do look at the names that are crossed off the list and think "Oh, good."

But one of them, to my deep disappointment, is a student from last semester: very bright but with enormous anxiety. It looks like I'm going to lose her again, and I hate that--but she's missing lots of class, and she missed submitting this essay. I don't like administering tough love to her, but she really does have to come though on the work.

Well, but all of this is fooraw for another day. Now, I'm going to drive carefully to the store and back and then begin my wind-down for the night.

Until tomorrow...

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