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I welcome students readers to this blog. However, be aware that, although I do not use anyone's actual name, the descriptions of behaviors and conversations are not disguised. This is a space in which I may rant, vent, and otherwise express responses that I would do my best to mask or at least tone down in professional interactions with students. This is my personal, gloves off, no holds barred, direct from the gut expression of what it feels like to do my job. If you think you might be hurt or offended or upset by that, read no further. The person I'm ranting about could be you.

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Monday, February 27, 2017

P.S.--I'm back!

I notice that there has been a sharp decline in "page views" since I took a few days off over the break. I'm back, everyone! Yoo-hoo! I'm back!

(There. I'm trying to break the previous record for page views in a month. I probably won't get there this month, but maybe in March? Come on, 800 page views! Hell, why stop there? Why not 900, or 1,000?)

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