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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

"I'll regret this in the morning": #2,873

The phrase "I can't even" has been going through my head this afternoon--as in today's parlance where nothing else is said about what one can't even. Just ... I can't even. (I can't even finish the sentence. I can't even decide what I can't even do. I can't even make more sense than that.)

I did not get all the assignments marked for the 5:30 class, to no one's vast surprise. I'm actually rather surprised I got any marked at all--but three remain. And now there's the homework I collected today, which the students truly need back by Thursday, so they have it when they embark on their essays, which are due Tuesday. (Hang on to the safety bar and scream!) I just realized that I had decided back when I created the schedule in January that I wouldn't do mechanics review on their final essays--which saves me a little flat out panic next week but not much. Instead, I had a hemidemisemi-panic just now, realizing I had to create a new assignment for them to do mechanics review on their own. Not that it took long, but ... well, on Thursday, I have to remember to pass around the conference sign up sheet, clarify the process, let them know they only need to bring one printed copy of their essay to class on Tuesday (for peer review), that sort of thing.

As I said, that bit about the safety bar, and the screaming.

So, here's what I need to do, in no particular order, and almost certainly missing a pearl or two that's dropped between the floorboards or rolled behind the bookcase...

1. Mark the rest of the final versions of the second essay for the 5:30 102, plus the homework I collected before today.

2. Mark the homework I collected today for both 102s.

3. Mark the homework for Nature in Lit (including what I'm going to collect over the next few classes).

4. Write up two observations.

5. Review six year-end evaluations, write up the P&B bits, print them, sign them, get them to the six colleagues in question.

6. Complete the critical thinking assessment I'm part of.

7. Create the final grade forms I use to crunch the numbers for all the classes.

8. Make sure I have copies of all the final handouts I need for all classes.

Um, um...

As I said, I'm sure I'm forgetting something (oh, yeah, I remember: I'm radioactive (Steve Martin reference)), but it will have to be forgotten until, well, whenever I remember it--or it will stay forgotten because it will turn out it doesn't matter.

I can feel myself descending into babbling incoherence. I haven't quite pushed my exhaustion to the point where my sense of humor goes loopy; I'm just at the "am I making any sense?" stage.

Which seems like an awfully good point at which to hang it up for the day and toddle off home.

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