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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

In a rush...

I have to be out the door in about 5 minutes (and I'm not packed up yet); I'm meeting Paul for dinner in a bit. I wish I'd left myself more time to post, but I got caught up sending an e-mail to the English department on shared governance. I'm not relishing the boola-boola that's sure to follow (typical me: have strong opinions but decline to share them because of my loathing of confrontation), but when I actually have something to say that I think might be worth saying, off I go.

I really wanted to post about two very moving encounters in Advisement today, both young men who are struggling--and both of whom were grateful for my attention and caring. A third young man thanked me for being helpful--almost before I'd started--and he assured me several times that he was sincerely grateful for my encouragement and help.

Perhaps, when I retire, I should become an academic adviser in some way--but not by joining the staff of our Advisement center. But I do love working one on one with students, mentoring them, talking to them about their academic progress and their lives generally. I don't quite know how to make that work, but, well, it's a thought.

And at that, I have to dash. I hope I remember to say more about those young men in Advisement when I post tomorrow. It truly was very moving.

Paul and an "adult beverage" (in Scott's phraseology) await. Off I dash...

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