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Friday, December 17, 2010

Again, brief...

Leaving the office in just a few minutes to have dinner with former student/former cat sitter/still friend Natasha. I have four papers still to finish for the short story class--and the one I was just looking at I have to run through the plagiarism check, dammit all to hell. One of the remaining four actually needs to be marked (I was saving that one, for among the last as I know it will be among the best). Heavy sigh. I was going to run a bunch of errands tomorrow but I don't think I can take the time: if I push through the weekend, I should have time either Monday evening or Tuesday morning. I hope. I still have to do some online shopping for the few people who are getting gifts from me; that will be tonight after dinner. I truly am going to be virtually comatose when I'm on the flights to Montana (and hanging around Sea-Tac airport in-between flights).

Marian and I did get most of the adjunct schedules done--or rather, used up most of the available courses. Bruce may open more sections to provide work for some of those who didn't get anything: there will certainly be plenty of students; the bigger question is, whether there will be classrooms. No movement today in the two lit classes, but I won't start really worrying unless there isn't a significant up-tick after New Year's.

But that's for another time. Now, it is indeed time for a drink.

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