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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Five-minute precis

Met with a few students for individual help with proposals and revisions, generally to good result. Met with two 101 classes, talked about the common good vs. personal gain: better thinking, more interesting conversation with the later class. They got more out of me about myself--and why I teach. I'm interested to note that in the three discussions on this topic, each class got more of me and my thinking. At some point I'll figure out why. Almost bit the head off a student who showed up half an hour late (as I was running the discussion) and from the door went "Psssst!" and gave me the little "Come here" gesture with her head, as if I should drop everything and run out to talk to her in the hall. ("I'm teaching a class. I have a room full of students that I'm working with right now. Wait for me outside.") Students in the later 101 had to be forcibly chased from the room, as they were working in their groups very productively. Almost bit the head off another student who kept worrying about how his absences would affect his grade and asking if he could do something to make up for the missed classes. ("Don't miss another class." but but but but "Don't miss another class. That's all." but but but "I think you heard what I said." "You said don't miss another class but but but" "Nothing else. Just don't miss another class.")

I make no predictions about the weekend or what I will or will not get done. My only prediction at the moment is that in about three minutes I'll get into my car and go meet Kristin for dinner. She's on a year-long sabbatical, and I miss her; it's going to be great to get caught up.

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