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Monday, October 10, 2016

9:30 p.m. Still in the office

Even though I sent e-mails to the authors of the last 8 essays I have to mark, saying their essays wouldn't be ready until Thursday morning, between one thing and another, here it is, 9:30, and I haven't left yet.

I saw students pretty much back to back all day until 7 p.m.--but I did get enough of a break to review the sabbatical applications. Check.

I realized at some point last night that I hadn't blocked off the time when I'll be in P&B tomorrow--and sure enough, three students signed up to meet with me in that time. One I saw here at the office, when he came by to pick up his essay; one has been in e-mail contact with me (fortunately she checked her e-mail, as the voice mail box on her phone hasn't been set up, so I couldn't leave a message); one seems to be unreachable: his phone is not in service, and he hasn't responded to e-mail--but he has gotten e-mails in the past, so I'm hoping he'll get that one and will contact me.

I just spent a while going through all today's appointments in the scheduling software, changing the reserved appointments to kept (except for one no-show) and adding the obligatory "client report forms." Check.

I have started making a list of everything I need to take home with me tomorrow, to work on Wednesday.
Omigod, I'm so exhausted--but check.

And now, I'm checking out of this heartbreak hotel.

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