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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Ill-timed illness

So, I'm trying madly to get all these essays marked--and I have either a bad cold or a mild case of the flu. In any event, my health collided with my need to grind away at essays, and fuck me blind, but I still have four that I'm supposed to have done by tomorrow at 10 a.m.

Not gonna happen, my friends.

I will get up extra early tomorrow--even though right now my body needs all the rest it can get--and try to get at least two of them done, maybe three, if any of them are very good and need little commentary.

I did make my life a tiny bit easier by typing up comments--when I realized I was saying pretty much the same thing over and over--which had the added benefit of making me get up and move from time to time. (I'm marking papers in the living room and have my laptop here with me, but the printer is in the bedroom.) Actually, given how often I had to get up and go back and forth from table to printer, I may not have saved that much time--but it was still easier than writing it all out by hand.

The essays I did grade provided me with at least one good laugh: the student who said that one of the characters had committed an "anus crime" (though I don't recall any sodomy) and further that the character's crime was compounded because he "penetrated the killing her before actually committing it."

The spate of comments that have ensued because I posted those bloopers on Facebook have been particularly funny.

One gets one's laughs where one can, I suppose, Especially when fighting the flu.

Ah, god, I have to pack it in. I need to wind down as quickly as possible and get as much sleep as possible before the marathon of conferences tomorrow. Wish me luck (and improved health).

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