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Sunday, August 6, 2017

I'll regret this in the morning

I had an awful night of sleep last night, for reasons that are completely mysterious. When I finally did fall truly asleep, I ended up sleeping very late--and since then, I've been unable to get my ass in gear to do any work of any kind whatsoever. I did check enrollment numbers, which have improved ever so slightly (and interestingly, the student whom I've called "Rose in Bloom" had signed up for SF initially--one of the first people to register--but now is not in the class any more). That's a good sign, though I'm still prepared for the possibility that I may end up tearing my schedule up in order to teach a section of 101 that's sure to run. I'll know more next week, when Cathy and I start on adjunct scheduling.

So, I've been doing everything except work today--and suddenly, now that the feasible window for work is getting very small indeed, I realize how little time I have before classes start, and how much time I still need to get everything ready for the 101s in particular. Cue wave of panic.

Given the situation, I'm posting in advance of working, as a way to rev my engines, as it were. I know that even doing a tiny bit of work--specifically, resolving the problem of how/when to schedule the essay assignments for the 101s, even if I do nothing else (and even if I change my mind another five times about what makes sense as a resolution) will help calm the panic.

I'll post tomorrow, I expect, and I expect that tomorrow I'll post as usual after the work is done, instead of before. But it interests me that sometimes it takes a modicum of panic to push me through a blue mood and into productivity. Today would be one of those days.

Off I go to reconceptualize...

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