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Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Pretty discouraging day, as was yesterday. Yesterday, as I thought would be the case, my visit with former student/former cat-sitter took up the hours in which I have greatest productivity, so I managed to do a little reading but nothing more. Today was marginally better: I put the notice that my paper has been accepted for ASLE into the promo folder and re-numbered everything--but I managed to miss Bruce, so didn't get his signature. Well, he can sign the needed pages next week: P&B has to sign off on all the folders in next week's meeting anyway. And a book that I requested through interlibrary loan had come in, so I picked that up.

But then I thought, for a change of pace, I'd go to a completely different town, to a little bakery-cafe place, to sit and work. The food was awful, and I could not make any sense at all of the articles we're supposed to read for next Wednesday's class. It was worse than the electric fish brains stuff: I really had zero clue what was being examined, or how, or why. I read a little but very quickly gave up; I'll try to read the stuff after the lecture and hope that things make more sense to me once the professor has explained what the hell he's working on.

So, that failing, I thought I'd read some of the articles I'd found for my own paper--only to realize that what I'd printed was from an earlier and less useful round of research, which I'm probably not going to use at all. Everything I think I'm likely to use is on the computer--and the computer was at home.

So, I accomplished pretty much bugger all nothing on both my project and my homework. And I'm tired and cranky. I'm about to print out the articles I plan to actually use for my paper, but once I've done that, I think I'll metaphorically hide under the sofa until tomorrow and hope that tomorrow will be a better day. Cain't hardly be no worse.

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